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Phil Sims is a world class composer and musician who creates arrangements and orchestrations for almost any type of music or genre. Phil is a classically trained composer and arranger with perfect pitch. Along with his own artistic projects, Phil has written scores for the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Mel Torme, Salvatore Andolina, BPO Grateful Dead Orchestral/Tribute Band, Wendell Rivera Latin Jazz orchestra, Nancy Boone and the Lithuania Chamber orchestra, NPR show "Prospering In America", "Rat Pack" show, Jazz Concerto for Euphonium and Brass Ensemble and John Stevens (American Idol Finalist) Jazz Studio Orchestra Christmas Album and Mosaic Records.

Using his perfect pitch, musical training and state-of-the-art digital technology called SimsTracks (TM) Phil can write, arrange and/or record and produce your music, idea or arrangement, making high quality music and/or production very affordable.
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After becoming familiar with your needs, we will provide you with a price is and what is included and there won't be any hidden costs or any additional charges for the
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Background Tracks

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Let us create your arrangements and orchestrations. 

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We create production quality background instrument tracks for your song.

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We can arrange almost any song in any genre.

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Music Arrangement & Orchestration

Music Arrangement & Orchestration

Background & Instrument Tracks

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